My Favorites of the Senses

Have you ever walked by a garden and been overwhelmed by the sweet smell of roses? I absolutely love that feeling.

Fortunately, we have senses that allow us to experience little things like that on a day to day basis. Lately I have been really in tune with my senses. I notice things I didn’t used to notice and I appreciate the smaller things that life has to offer a lot more. All of the mindfulness blogs I have been reading may be getting to my head, but I’m thoroughly enjoying how nice of a feeling this has been.

Since I have been appreciating my senses more, I would like to share with you all my favorite things for each sense. 


I recently saw a documentary that changed the way I saw the world entirely. That documentary was Cowspiracy. 

It’s an incredible documentary that takes you through the world of animal agriculture and how awful it actually is for our environment. The host interviews several people; some agree that animal agriculture is aggressively destroying our environment and some try to cover up the facts by deflecting the questions completely. 

From this documentary I learned some heartbreaking facts about the impact of animal agriculture on Earth. For example, 1-2 acres of rainforest are destroyed every second to make room to support the increasing demand for what the business has to offer. Every second insane amounts of land have to be given up just to support what humans consume!

I also learned that it takes 660 gallons of water to produce one hamburger, which is the equivalent of showering for 2 months. This fact is mind blowing. California, the state I live in, is in a serious drought. We’ve had all sorts of regulations put on our water usage but we can afford to give up 660 gallons per hamburger?

I highly recommend you watch this documentary. Even if you aren’t ready to do a complete 180 and eliminate animal products from your life, it is so important to know the toll this is taking on our precious planet.


I love when the holidays come around because I know my life will be filled with all sorts of desserts. I never really cared for cooking or baking but when I stumble across recipes that are so easy a grade school child could accomplish them, I’m on it! 

I came across this vegan pumpkin bread recipe from Sarah at Sarah Bakes Gluten Free and fell in love. Although I did use regular flour instead of her gluten free suggestion, the bread was still delicious. 

This recipe is so easy to follow and leads to an amazing pumpkin bread outcome. I highly recommend it!


I’m a sucker for classic music. There is no comparison when it comes to most modern day stuff. 

Lately I’ve had Janis Joplin on repeat and she has definitely been my favorite of the moment. I’ve always had a spot in my heart for her awesome tunes but I forgot just how powerful her music is. She has those songs that make you want to just dance around your house and be in a damn good mood. That’s the kind of music I appreciate so much.


I bet you’re expecting me to say a typical holiday scent like pumpkin, christmas tree something or other right? Haha.

Well, my scents must be a little off this season because I’m truly enjoying the smell of citrus. That summer scent made it’s way right into fall and winter for me. 

Something about the tangy smell of lemons and oranges really cheers me up and I’m loving it. I’ve heard that lemon and orange essential oils are a great way to get your day started and improve your mood. So if you’re looking for a mood boost, go ahead and join me in this citrus in winter craze!


This ones a little different, but I really have been enjoying velvet all of a sudden. I never really cared for it until now. 

I bought a pair of velvet pants not too long ago and I have to say, they are so comfortable! It’s the most odd texture and maybe that’s why I never cared for it but it’s definitely grown on me. 

The texture also makes me think of cute little deer when they start getting their antlers and they’re all fuzzy and soft looking. So freakin’ cute!


Being more mindful of what your senses encounter is a wonderful thing. Try focusing more on what you're actually feeling when you smell flowers or see a beautiful scene. Awareness is an awesome thing!

What are your favorites of your senses lately? Let me know in the comments below or send me a quick email! You can find all of my contact information in the ABOUT tab at the top of the page.

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