My Experience With Spirit Animals


I've always been someone who's very in tune with nature. I find comfort in being surrounded by trees and listening to the soft chirps of birds. 

During times of stress I find myself being drawn to the outdoors. Something about the sun on my skin and the breeze flowing really centers me. Because I've been under a lot of stress lately I've been spending a lot more time outdoors than I normally would. Going for long walks or sitting outside listening to the beautiful noises nature creates has become part of my daily routine.

About a month ago a particular event occurred that sent my life into a spiral. I began questioning and doubting everything. I allowed myself to go to a dark place in my head and no longer felt happy. It was after this event that I encountered my first experience with "sprit animals."

For those of you who don't know, a spirit animal is an animal (obviously) that will stand out to you and become prevalent in your life. You may see this animal once or dozens of times but the awareness you have for this particular animal becomes dominant in your mind. These animals are a way for the universe to send you messages and aid you in learning life lessons. 

After the initial event, I started noticing hawks everywhere that I went. They would be sitting in strange places, flying in cities they usually wouldn't and flying in groups of more than just 2 (which is very rare for these birds). Every single day I would see at least 3 hawks. These birds were not doing normal hawk things. At one point, I saw one sitting on a baseball field that was crowded with people. 

I finally decided to try and understand the message that the universe was trying to send me. What the hell was with these insane amounts of hawks? Why were they following me? Were they even following me or was I seriously losing my shit?

I headed to a crystal shop nearby that I knew had several animal totems and did regular tarot card readings. I told the woman what was going on and she pulled out her tarot guide book to look up the meaning of the hawk. The woman began reading me the meaning behind the presence of hawks.

Basically, hawks try to guide you into seeing the bigger picture. They aid in avoiding honing in on one particular issue and instead try to show you to see things as a whole. Hawks will give you the power of clear vision in times when your tunnel vision is taking over. 

It all made sense when she told me this. I wasn't losing my mind, I was finding peace of mind. The universe was trying to show me the way to happiness again and I was finally aware enough to listen. 

The following week during a therapy session, I told my therapist about my weird hawk phenomena. She was able to apply my experience to the situation I was currently in. I had been so focused in on the pain I was feeling that I wasn't allowing myself to look at my life as a whole. I walked away from that session feeling the best I had felt in weeks. 

After that day, I hadn't been seeing hawks anymore. It was as if the universe knew that I had received it's message and trusted me to fulfill it. 

Another week went by and in a time of weakness I asked the universe for a sign. I needed to know that I was on the right track and that I was still living up to the message I had received. The next day on my way home from work I saw two hawks flying along the freeway beside me. On my afternoon walk, I saw one more flying above as I walked through the hills. 

I had received my confirmation.

Although I have received my message and I am doing my best to live up to it, I still see a hawk every once in a while. At first I thought it was the universe telling me I'm heading back into the wrong direction, but now I see it as a reminder for myself. In times of stress it's important to try to see the bigger picture.

The pain you're feeling now is temporary. Even the most painful situations might actually be blessings in disguise. Through my stressful experience I was able to recenter myself and learn so much about who I am. 

Without this crazy hawk experience, I don't know that I would be as strong as I am being now.

I know there's a lot of people out there that are going to say this is just a coincidence but please allow yourself to open your eyes to the awesome messages that the universe can offer you. 

Have you had any experiences with spirit animals? Let me know in the comments below.

Etsy Seller Product Review: Peaceful Beauty All-Natural Lip Balm

I've been a sucker for Etsy for years now. It's a great place to find unique items and help other entrepreneurs who are trying to build their own businesses. 

Recently I was searching the site for a new all natural lip balm when I stumbled upon Elizabeth's shop, Peaceful Beauty 3. She creates and sells all kinds of natural products, everything from skin serums to candles. After reading through her ingredient list on her lip balms, I figured I would give them a try. 

I am so glad that I did.

The product was so good, I knew that I needed more. Surprisingly, Elizabeth lives in the same city that I live in. So we set up a little meeting and I got to do some serious shopping! During my little shopping spree, we got into some great conversation about the inspiration behind Peaceful Beauty3.

Elizabeth's daughter, Andrea, was actually the majority of the reason the business came to life. Wise beyond her years, Andrea became aware of the "natural" lifestyle. She began showing interest in knowing what makes up the products she was using on a day-to-day basis and shared her knowledge with her mom. 

They began experimenting with different recipes and have come up with some seriously great natural alternatives. Coming from a culture that isn't usually interested in the ingredients that make up products, these two are first (and second) generation natural enthusiasts!

I'll include a picture below of everything that I bought during my little shopping spree but today I want to focus on the lip balms. 

Lip balm isn't something you usually think of as toxic. You head to the store, throw a fun fruity flavor in your cart and call it a day. What you fail to realize is that the mango banana chapstick you're going to put on your lips later is filled with parabens, artificial flavors and fragrances, and unsafe colors/dyes.

Unfortunately, most lip balms can actually cause more harm than they are worth.

Unlike other damaging products like lotions and sunscreens that you apply topically, lip balm you put on your lips (obviously!). Because of this the product will find it's way into your mouth causing you to ingest all of the nasty chemicals directly. 

Luckily, Elizabeth creates all natural lip balms that eliminate the need to worry! You can pronounce every ingredient and are probably already familiar with them as well. 

I have a few different ones from the shop but my favorite has to be the peppermint flavor. It feels very similar to the original Burt's Bees chapsticks, but doesn't have the damaging ingredients. With most store bought lip balms, you will notice your lips don't stay moisturized all day. With this one I will apply it in the morning and I won't have to reapply until it's time for bed. 

I also have the "deep rose" and green tea lip balms. The deep rose is a little more glossy and gives a nice red tint to your lips. It's the perfect option for days that you don't want to apply an actual lipstick but want more than just balm on your lips. 

The green tea lip balm is great. Elizabeth is still working on the recipe for this one, so I am honored that I got to be one of the first people to try this one out! I love applying this one before bed. It has a more grainy feel at first which is so perfect for exfoliating your lips. I apply this right before bed and wake up with the softest lips ever. 

I highly recommend you check out Elizabeth and Andrea over at their Etsy shop, Peaceful Beauty 3. Although I focused mainly on lip balms in this post I have tried several of the other products Elizabeth offers and they're all phenomenal! If you have any questions at all just message her through Etsy. 

Both Elizabeth and her daughter have the kindest of souls and I sincerely hope you give her products a try!

Just as a disclaimer, I am not getting paid to share this post with you. I am just extremely passionate about sharing awesome products and helping fellow entrepreneurs reach their dreams. This woman works her butt off to create these products and it definitely shows through her work!

5 Mantras For A Better Morning

2016 has been off to a rocky start for me already. I've had a lot of negativity find its way into my life and I definitely started to let it get the best of me. The thing about negativity is that when it gets too overwhelming, it starts to control the way you function throughout your day to day life.

I've grown tired of letting negativity control how I'm living so I've made it my mission now to wake up every morning and start the day off right.

Most of you already know what a "mantra" is. For those of you who do not, it's a word or phrase that you repeat to yourself - usually in meditation. It is something that has deep meaning and resonates with your current situation. I enjoy taking these mantras out of my meditative practices and using them in my daily life.

Mantras are a great start to bettering your overall mental health. For me, mantras work best when I can focus on a particular phrase and utilize it throughout my day. If it's a longer mantra I will write it down on a sticky note and post it on my bathroom mirror or in my bullet journal. If it's one that is easy to remember I will simply repeat it to myself throughout the day.

Mantras can be whatever you want them to be.

Maybe it's just a single word, like "believe." For you starting the day off thinking of this word in particular and continuing to repeat it throughout your day, may be the perfect way to remind yourself to actually believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in those around you. Believe in the universe to lead you in the right direction.

A phrase may be more useful to you. Try repeating to yourself, "let it be." This isn't only a phenomenal song by The Beatles, but a truly great piece of advice. Introducing this phrase into your day may allow you to be more willing to go with the flow.

Below are 5 mantras that I suggest you try repeating to yourself throughout the day - starting as soon as you wake up!

1. Live for today.

As someone who has a mind that wanders into the future, this mantra has been very useful for me. It's important to be aware of the present moment. Have the now be your sole focus and use your peripheral vision to keep your eyes on the future. 

2. I can & I will. / My potential is unlimited.

Doubting ourselves is common. More common than you may think. Even the most successful people have felt some sort of reluctance. Believing in yourself is the first step to realizing your true potential.

3. I will see the light inside of the darkness.

When times are not ideal, we tend to focus in on the negativity that surrounds us. I know because  I've been there. When times are tough it's important to see the positivity that is coming out of the situation. Focusing on the negative will only force you to become negative. 

4. There is beauty in everything & everyone.

Sometimes our faith in humanity gets hindered. You hear awful stories on the news and it can really become discouraging, as if the number of "good people" in the world is decreasing. Reminding yourself that there are so many beautiful people and beautiful things in the world is a great way to boost your overall view of the universe as a whole. 

5. Have faith.

Simple and to the point. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in your surroundings. Have faith in the world and it's ability to lead you in the right direction.

What mantras do you enjoy living by? Do you connect with any of these above?

May your days be filled with positive thoughts and feelings of joy! If you're finding it hard to stay positive, hang up some mantras or positive reminders around your home. Allow yourself to fill your surroundings with positive vibes!

Five Senses of January

I created a post last month sharing with you things that have appealed to each of my five senses

Senses play an important role in all of our lives. We encounter experiences every day that connect to each of our fives senses. Whether it's the smell of fresh flowers when you're walking through the market or the sound of waves crashing during your most recent beach trip, senses are amazing things that we often take for granted. Take a deep breath and feel what's around you, recognize the sensation of every sense!

Here is what my senses encountered in January.


I'm a huge fan of podcasts. I think they're a great source of entertainment and knowledge when you don't have time to sit and read or watch tv. Podcasts are usually my go to source of entertainment while I'm at work.

For the last few months I've been really enjoying a podcast called "That's so Retrograde." It's an extremely interesting podcast run by Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari. These girls have two larger than life personalities and will capture your interest the moment you start listening.

Their topics cover a variety of things but gear towards a more metaphysical path. Guests on the podcast can range anywhere from psychics to actresses like Ashley Tisdale. Even if the particular topic of the week doesn't catch my attention at first, I can always find something to relate to by the end of the podcast episode.

I definitely recommend you listening in, at least once!


I took a trip during the last weekend of January and I must say it quickly jumped up to my top 5 favorites. For the first time, I made my way to Sedona, Arizona.

For those of you who don't know Sedona is known to be a very spiritual, artsy town. That sentence alone does not due it justice.

This place is beyond beautiful. As someone who usually prefers lush forests to large rock formations, even I was blown away. Red rocks outline the entire town and blue skies create the perfect contrast. At night stars fill the sky and coyotes howl the night away. This is not something I am used to living in overly populated southern California.

It was like something you seen in National Geographic. Incredible. I never wanted to come home. I've never been so eager to watch the sun set and then rise again. The people were unbelievably friendly and the sense of community was grand.

I will be back you beautiful, beautiful city.


I'm a huge fan of incense and essential oils. I think they're an excellent way to boost a mood, fast! Lately when I feel the slightest bit stressed,  I've been lighting up a stick of patchouli incense. Something about the smell of patchouli reminds me of being a little girl and it makes my heart feel warm. 

Our sense of smell can play a huge role in the status of our mood. Certain scents are known to boost moods or create a feeling of relaxation. Aromatherapy is a very interesting thing!


I've been trying to incorporate healthier options into my life, starting with my water intake. I know I don't drink nearly enough water each day. In order to make it a little bit more enjoyable for me, I've been infusing my water with fruit. Strawberry and lemon has been my favorite combination so far! The sweetness of the strawberries mixed with the tanginess of the lemon makes me actually look forward to drinking more water throughout the day! 

The cool part about fruit infused water is that the possibilities are seriously endless. You don't even have to stop at fruit, fresh herbs are also a great way to "spice" up your water!


This month I didn't go with something that physically was nice to touch, but rather something that has been touching my soul.

I've been going to yoga classes twice a week and I totally love it. It's the perfect way for me to be doing something awesome for my body while teaching my mind and soul to be in the current moment. Yoga is such a relaxing and enjoyable thing for me, I'm really glad I decided to give this practice a second try. 

It's really nice to find something that you enjoy doing and look forward to each and every week. As someone who isn't very active and doesn't like fast paced workouts, I find yoga to be the perfect source of exercise for me.

Try getting in touch with your sense. What smell have you been appreciating lately? Have you tried any recipes that turned out delicious? Let me know in the comments below!

Easy Bohemian Valentine's DIY

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, do you have your gifts in order?

Usually I'm not one to celebrate Valentine's Day. I still don't plan on celebrating it with my boyfriend this year. But a couple of coworkers decided to do a "Secret Cupid" type of thing. Basically we drew names from a bottle and we're buying or making a gift for the chosen one.

When I get the chance to create something for someone else, it's rare that I won't be all in! 

Today I'm going to be showing you how to make this beyond easy, little candy stash jars out of mason jars. The cool part about these is when all of the candy is gone, you can put a little tea light candle in the bottom and the heart cut out illuminates. 

This project will cost you less than $15 and will be the perfect gift for any Valentine. 

Here's what you'll need:

Getting started:

Using your X-acto knife cut small hearts out of your tape. Duct tape is a little more difficult to work with so I ended up using blue painters tape for the smaller hearts.

The easiest way to do this is to place a large piece of tape directly onto your jar and cut the heart out while the tape is actually on the jar. Make sure that when you have your shapes cut out you really make sure the edges are secure and flat. You don't want any paint to seep through.

Paint the jar.

Gather your paints and start going to town. You will probably need about 5 coats depending on the opacity of your paint. I did about 3 layers of this red paint and then 2 coats of the glitter on top.

Don't worry about painting on the hearts. The tape is there to make sure your final shape is in tact.

Take off the stenciled heart.

Very carefully remove the tape hearts from your jar. You may want to use the X-acto knife to aid in the removal. If you try and just rip it straight off, your shapes may come out a little messy and jagged. 

I traced the outline of the heart with my X-acto knife before I even tried to remove the tape from the glass. That way I knew it would come off very clean.

If your shapes are a little jagged, you can go back in with your knife after and sharpen up the lines and edges. This project is pretty forgiving.

Fill 'em up.

Fill up your jars with the candy or other goodies that you decided to purchase. The dollar stores usually have all of the good candies for really cheap at this time of year!

Admire your work.

I decided to add a little twine to the top of my jars. I felt it added the perfect rustic feel that my jars were needing!

Not only was this project inexpensive, I know that the recipient will definitely love it. Both the jars and the crate can be used for numerous things after the treats are all gone. I was a little tempted to keep this one for myself, not going to lie!

This project is one of those that you honestly can't really screw up. It's completely customizable and is a simple way to tell someone that you care!

I hope you enjoyed this little project. If you did, make sure to subscribe below so you can be notified when I post new content!