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Do you feel like your job has sucked the life out of you?

Burn out to busting out is a customized coaching plan that will help you get from feeling completely burnt out and missing the joys in each day to busting out and creating the life of your dreams. 

When you're feeling like your job is completely taking over your life and not serving you in a way that feels good, you know it's time for a change. Life is meant to be lived fully and you were meant to thrive in that. Gone are the days of waking up to the sound of a dreaded alarm, dragging your feet through your morning routine and zoning out from your commute to work to your commute home from work. Your days are not meant to be a blur of repetition and dread.

When you're feeling lost and hopeless, remember that you are not alone. Using mindfulness techniques, we will work together to remind you what it feels like to be alive!

We'll get you trying new techniques that may feel completely foreign to you, but I promise that you will feel like a whole new woman by the time our team work even gets off the ground!

In this customized program we will take 8 weeks of work as a team to revamp the way that you see your job and your life as a whole. We'll get you excited to live again. You will be able to break free from the negative mindset that your job has instilled within you and we will uncover your values in order to get you moving towards things that actually bring you joy instead of sorrow. 

By the end of the course you will feel like a lighter, happier version of yourself with a whole new perspective on life and all that it has to offer!

what does this look like?

For eight 45 minute sessions we will work together, as a team, to uncover your values, perspectives and limiting beliefs as they relate to your current career situation. We will develop a new, healthier journey for you to start to embark on. One geared towards happiness, mindfulness and pure gratitude for each day. 

During these 8 weeks, we will focus on topics such as:

  • Who you want to become.
  • Your limiting beliefs and inner critics.
  • Your purpose and why you're here.
  • Self love and respect.
  • Your values and current perspectives. 
  • And SO much more!

one time payment of $550 or two payments of $275

I know what it's like to have the loathe of a day job start to wreak havoc on your entire life. It can feel incredibly overwhelming. Through this 8 week course you will gain so much clarity and will come out with a whole new perspective on your life as a whole.

There will be no more dread for the day job. Just a happier, healthier, lighter you.

IF YOU'RE READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP - lets get you going on a free 15 minute consultation.

I will never ask you to commit to something without letting you test it out first. If you're feeling called to embark on this new journey, please enter your email address in the box below. You will get an email asking for your best contact method. After that we can get a consultation planned so that you and I can see if this will be what you're craving in your life at the moment.