DIY Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is in two and a half very short weeks. Is your tree ready?

I have a synthetic tree, so mine has been up and ready for just over two weeks now. One of my favorite things about Christmas is decorating my tree. I love finding the perfect spot for each and every ornament. 

This year I decided to switch up the theme of my tree. My focus for this years ornaments was to stick with very natural, bohemian vibes. There will be lots of earthy tones with plenty of things that are actually found in nature; pine cones, wood chips, moss and more. 

Since I decided to switch things up this year, I decided to include you all part in this process by showing you all of the fun, DIY ornaments I’ve been making this season! All of the ornaments I made take less than 30 minutes and most of the materials will be used more than once, making this a very affordable week of projects.

Stay tuned because every day this week I’ll be sharing with you an inexpensive, bohemian style, ornament tutorial! 


  • Stamps (find out how to make your own stamps here)
  • Ink pad
  • 1.5" birch chips (find them on Amazon by clicking here or find them at Michael's by clicking here)
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun

Stamp the birch:

Coat your awesome handmade stamps that you learned how to create by clicking right here in ink from your ink pad. I used black but you can use any color that you want. Maybe even go for the typical red and green for a more festive feel!

If you have larger wood slabs, you can apply multiple/bigger stamps. I have a pretty small Christmas tree so I used smaller discs, they were all around 1.5 inches to be exact.

Knot the ornament:

Cut a small piece of twine, around 5 inches. If you want a longer ornament or used bigger discs, you may want to cut your twine a little longer. 

Knot your twine by following the directions below.

Fold the twine in half so that both ends are between your fingers. 

Wrap the loose end of the twine around your index finger. 

Pull the loose ends through the back of the circle you just created on your finger. 

Pull it tight and snip the ends so they're nice and short. 

Hot glue time:

Hot glue your knot to the top of your birch disc. Apply a generous amount of glue so that the ornament does not fall off. This is especially important if you're using heavier discs than I have used!

Christmas ribbons and decorative bows would also be very cute ways to hang these little ornaments. See what you have on hand!

If you chose a colored ink for your stamps, I would stick with a neutral material to hang your wood discs. You don't want to go overboard with the festive colors!

Finish them:

Stamp, knot and glue your remaining birch chips. 

I purposely chose chips that had unique knots and flaws because I feel like it adds to the rustic, bohemian vibes that we're going for with this craft. 

These ornaments would make great gifts for your family and friends. They'll be a staple on their trees for years to come. 

Maybe even let your kids have a go at this insanely easy craft and see what they can come up with. Date the back of it when they're done so you'll be able to save that special moment forever!

This is just day one of my Christmas ornament takeover I'm having here on Bohemian Crossroads, so make sure you check in every day this week to see what else I'm coming up with! I'll be sharing quick, easy and inexpensive bohemian ornaments for you to try at home.

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