What is Bohemian Crossroads!


Welcome to Bohemian Crossroads. These welcome posts are always a bit awkward so let's just get straight into it.

Bohemian Crossroads was started as a place for me to share my journey with you. What is this "journey" you speak of?

Great question. I'm on a journey to better myself - mind, body & soul. Over the past year I've been working to become more aware of the toxins that have made their way into my life. Not just physical toxins, but mental toxins that effect the quality of my life.

I've made it my mission to reduce all of this chaos by switching to a more natural, better for me lifestyle. With this blog, I hope to share my journey with you. Whether that be natural products I find, quotes that boost your day, DIY projects, or even fun recipes for homemade natural skincare. 

I want this to be a platform that really helps make people aware. If you find at least one part of this helpful, then I would consider this blog a success. 

I plan to post every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. So make sure you subscribe to be updated whenever a new post is live!