10 Reasons I Love My Brita Filter

By now it's quite clear that I'm all about natural alternatives and helping create a positive impact on the environment. I'm transforming my home into a green machine slowly but surely. With that being said, I no longer purchase bottled water for my home. They've been proven to have an awful impact on the earth and some studies find their impact isn't so great for your body either!

When I started living on my own I knew I didn't want to waste all sorts of money on water bottles. I began researching alternatives and learned about the brand Brita. They pride themselves on having awesome filtration systems that blow bottled water away. The more I looked into it, the more I learned that it wasn't only better for my wallet but the environment as well. After that, I was sold!

I've had my Brita pitcher for 2 years now and I still use it every single day. It has definitely become a staple in my home! So without further ado here are my top 10 reasons I love my Brita pitcher and filters.


No. 1 - A lot of the filtered pitchers you see in stores are bulky and a major eyesore. The pitcher I have is the opposite of that, it's adorable! It has a light green top half with a clear plastic bottom half. This may be the least important factor for a lot of people buying these filters, but it doesn't hurt to have an attractive pitcher!

No. 2 - It is beyond easy to use. From the way it pours, to loading and removing filters, everything about it is so simple. New filters get soaked in water for the recommended time frame, then just get snapped into place in a small slot in the top half of the pitcher. It's that easy. 

No. 3 - The Brita pitcher has a small area on top with buttons and 3 lights. The 3 lights indicate whether the filter is clean, needing to be changed soon, or is already in need of a change. Every time you pour yourself some water, 1 of these 3 lights will automatically light up. So easy! There's no guessing game or waiting until the water starts to taste a little off. The pitcher does all the work for you!

No. 4 - If I remember to fill the pitcher up, I'll always have fresh, COLD water. Growing up my family always kept water bottles in the pantry, so we usually had warm water. With this, I have ice cold water every time. Which is perfect for hot summers in California!

No. 5 - Now to the less obvious, but more environmentally friendly reasons. There is no plastic waste from having a pitcher and filter! 1 filter saves 300 water bottles! (Source) As of today, the Brita filters have saved over 430 million bottles. If every household gets one of these systems, that number could grow exponentially. I've had my pitcher system for over 2 years now and I'm definitely not switching back to water bottles!

No. 6 - There is a recycling program for used filters. I just found out about this recently but I think it's by far one of my favorite things about my Brita. When you have a used filter that is no longer good, you can send it back to Brita in the mail or bring it to a designated filtration recycling center near you. Brita then takes the used filters and turns them into something totally new! (And recycled!) On Brita's website (here) they state that they can turn not only your used filters, but your old pitchers and Brita bottles, into anything from toothbrushes to park benches. So with these systems there is literally nothing going to waste - score!

No. 7 - It saves money! The initial purchase of a pitcher and filter may lead you to think otherwise, but I promise you will save major bucks in the long run. When buying a pack of water bottles, the single bottle price usually comes out to around 30 cents. If you drink one bottle a day, for one year you'll spend roughly $110 on water bottles. That's per person. So if you have more than 1 person living in your household that number is only going to double, triple, quadruple, etc. My initial cost of my pitcher system was somewhere around $30-$35. Remember, that is a one time fee. (Unless you break your pitcher or want multiple.) After that first purchase, all I had to buy again were the filters. 

No. 8 - I know where my water is coming from. It's the same water I use in my house to wash my hands or do the dishes. If my water company is saying it's safe enough to use on my skin then I think I will be okay filtering it and then drinking it!

No. 9 - The filter does actually remove what you shouldn't ingest from the tap water. In number 8 I said I trust my tap water because it's what I use daily, but it does add a little extra piece of mind knowing that I have a filter to remove the chlorine and other chemicals that have been found in  the tap!

No. 10 - This post has been mainly about the pitcher filter system, but Brita does offer a variety of systems! They also offer personal bottles, faucet systems and dispensers. I do have one of the personal bottles and I really enjoy it. It's very convenient when you're on the go or to keep at your desk. The faucet systems are a very cool concept. Basically it's a small filter that hooks up to your sink!  I don't personally have one so I'm not sure the difficulty level when it comes to setting it up. If I ever get one, i'll definitely let you all know how it works though! And lastly the dispenser would be great for someone with a larger family or for an office setting. It's a pretty good size and has a little nozzle so you don't have to remove it from the fridge until it's time to refill it!


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