Rancho Relaxo: A Fun-Loving Rescue Farm in New Jersey

I am a firm believer that animals should be treated with the same respect as humans. I don't eat them, I don't wear them, I don't mistreat them. However, there are sick people out there that believe that animals were put on our planet to serve human beings. To that I say, you animal abusers SUCK.


A year ago I stumbled upon this great Instagram account filled with nothing but cute farm animal pictures and hilarious videos of animals being their silly selves. I followed the account instantly and slowly became more and more attached. It wasn't just an account full of cute goat pictures, it was an account dedicated to these precious animals that Caitlin Stewart had saved and relocated to her farm, Rancho Relaxo.

This woman dedicates her life, day in and day out, to protecting, caring for and loving these animals. Some of them were literally taken from their deathbed and rescued by Caitlin and her family. She takes them in and treats them as part of her family. This is how it should be.

They were not put on this planet to serve and cater to our needs. Animals are loving, defenseless creatures who need our voices to speak up for them. No one wants to get abused and killed, including them.

 Caitlin gives these animals a voice. Rancho Relaxo gives these once neglected beings a new start, where they will feel safe and welcome. She works her butt off to give them the life they always should have had. (All while being allergic to most of them!)

It is so moving to see what beautiful souls people like Caitlin have. She never posts any complaints. Just cute/funny pictures of these beautiful beings in their new loving home. They're her family and she lets all of her followers be a part of that family too. 

If you love animals and think they deserve to live just like we do, you need to go check out Caitlin's Instagram account for Rancho Relaxo. You can find that here. She also offers different types of merchandise to help raise funds for the farm. Most of her merchandise can be found here. She has so much to choose from. From shirts to blankets, all of the sales help her farm and mission significantly. If you email her directly you can get a handmade vial with a feather from Sherman the turkey OR a necklace with a small vile containing small bits of hair from Britney Spears the pony. These vials are so cute and even contain some stones and flowers.

I personally decided I wanted a larger vial with a Sherman feather! I love having a small piece of the farm in my own home. 

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INSTAGRAM: @boochaos

RANCHO RELAXO MERCHANDISE: http://www.wallyhawk.com/ranchorelaxo

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts in this post are my OWN. I do not receive any part of the sale if you choose to purchase through the above links. I just think this is a great cause and it deserves to be spread as much as possible!