Beth Kaya Gem and Botanical Fragrance Oils

By now I have made it pretty obvious that I love and appreciate a good natural product when I come across one. So sticking with my original plan of sharing an Etsy seller's natural product find every first Friday of every month, I would like to tell you about Beth Kaya and her fragrance oil blends.

I stumbled across Beth about a year ago on Instagram. Her posts were always so captivating and her products seemed too good to be true. I had my eye on her gem and botanical fragrance oils for quite some time before I finally decided it was time for me to get one of my own!

When I went to her Etsy shop, I was blown away by all the different scents she had available to choose from. Overwhelmed by the options and being relatively new to the essential oil world, I messaged Beth to see if she could aid me in choosing the right scent for me. I was overjoyed to get a speedy response from an awesome woman who was willing to walk me through the entire process.

We exchanged a few messages and the perfect scent for me slowly came to life - a warm vanilla and sandalwood blend. In her creations she also infuses botanicals and gems which make the experience of the fragrance that much more special. To my particular blend she added peridot, rose and orange quartz, and a couple of cornflowers. 

This is the BEST smelling "perfume" I have ever come across. Better than any store bought, name brand, designer shenanigans that there is to buy. I cannot begin to express the love I have for this fragrance. She also sent a few extra little goodies with my purchase, one of which was a sample of her fragrance "Vanilla Beach" - which smells phenomenal. The part that really gets me about her fragrance creations is that they are 96% natural, with the remaining 4% being nontoxic products. It is impossible to find something that pure in most department stores. 

You all seriously need to check her out. She has the kindest soul and is so helpful in the process of picking out your signature scent. Her prices are totally reasonable and the product definitely does not disappoint. I will be so sad when my signature scent is all gone, but you better believe that I will be right back buying another bottle from this genuine soul. If you missed the link above, you can find Beth's Etsy Page here!

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5 Tips for Traveling Naturally

While switching to a natural lifestyle has it's obstacles, traveling with this lifestyle can be even more complicated. I'm currently on vacation in Montana and there was no way I was going to leave my natural products behind! If you're like me and can't live without your essentials, then keep reading for my go-to guide for bringing your natural products wherever you go.

Mini brand bottles

If your budget has some flexibility, you may want to look into whether or not your favorite brands make travel size products. It's not easy to find full size natural products in most stores, so finding travel size may be a little bit challenging. If you're planning a trip a couple of months in advance, try checking on the brands website. They may have some travel sizes or samples sizes that you wouldn't normally be able to find in stores near you.

Empty Plastic Bottles

Most stores carry small, empty, plastic bottles meant for travel. I purchased some from Target for around $3 for 4. These are probably your best bet when it comes to your trip. The ones I bought are TSA approved, 3 ounce bottles. I use these for my shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The set I bought came with a spritzer bottle, perfect for hairsprays or other hair products. However, I don't usually use those types of products so that bottle was just an added bonus!

Empty Plastic Cosmetic Jars

In the travel section at Target, I was also able to find TSA approved cosmetic jars. I got these for around $2 for 3. They're 1.25 ounces each which make them perfect for my face wash, face lotion and toothpaste. I put toothpaste in these because I use my Little Tree Naturals toothpaste, which comes in a jar already. They're the perfect size and even come with little labels for your products.

Cotton Pad Holder

Either in the travel section or by the cotton pads/q-tips, most stores will have small plastic containers for your circular cotton pads. I love these because I use cotton pads covered with coconut oil to remove my makeup at night. I pre soaked my cotton pads in the coconut oil before my trip and stored them in this small circular container. So simple!

Only Take What You NEED

This is my final and most important tip. Just because you love all of your products, does not mean you need to take them all with you. If you are only going away for a week, I'm positive that quite a few of your products can stay at home. Pick the ones that are most essential for your day-to-day needs. For example, I love my witch hazel toner. But I do not 100% need it while I'm away. It's just an extra that I thoroughly enjoy using while I'm home. My face moisturizer, on the other hand, is never something I would be able to travel without! Choose wisely, think like a minimalist. 

There it is, my 5 most essential tips for traveling with your natural products. I hope you found them useful and plan to apply them to your next trip!

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