Quick and Easy Faux Pumpkin Tutorial

Can you believe that it is already October? This year has gone by way too fast. I feel like it was just summer. But boy am I ready for the fall weather, this heat really takes a toll on ya!

Since October is here and welcoming us with fallen leaves and (slightly) cooler weather, I'm coming to you with the perfect DIY pumpkin to rock your fall decor. I'm a huge fan of pumpkins, but the real ones go bad too quick. No one wants a rotting pumpkin outside of their door. Plus I'm trying to decorate now, not wait until it's closer to Halloween! Lucky for me (and you), the craft stores are filled with foam pumpkins that are not only affordable but they don't rot! Woo woo. 

Let's get into the tutorial!

Here's what you'll need:

  • A faux pumpkin
  • Battery Powered Lights
  • Paint Pen (optional, depending on if you want more design)
  • Sharpie
  • Drill or Dremel
  • Knife

Step 1:

Let's get the boring part over with. Cut a small hole in the top of the pumpkin with your knife. Make it just big enough to fit the lights in at the end of the project. 

Step 2:

Using your sharpie (or any other marker you have laying around), map out where you want your drilled holes to be. Keep in mind this is where the light will shine through. If your holes are too small, the light will not shine through. The drill must go all the way through the pumpkin!

Step 3:

Starting with your biggest drill bit, drill the center of the flower design marked with sharpie. If you want all the dots to be the same size, you can use one bit. I chose to make my center hole bigger and surround it with smaller dots. 

Step 4:

Using your smaller drill bit, finish drilling holes on the marked dots. 

Step 5:

Let your creative juices flow as you determine a design and overall theme for your pumpkin. Naturally, I chose a very bohemian theme filled with flowers and geometric shapes. 

Step 6:

Enjoy yourself. Don't take this project, or any project, too serious! Just let the art flow. I suck at drawing, I even "messed up" a few times on this pumpkin but knowing that I am creating this with my own hands is badass enough!

Step 7:

Pop your lights into your pumpkin and turn them on! 

This project really is so quick and beyond easy. The whole thing probably took me about 25 minutes. And did I mention how easy it was? Even if you don't have a drill or aren't sure how to use one, I'm sure you can make holes with a nail or screw. This plan is pretty fool proof, I promise!

Here's the pumpkin at night. Oh, spooky! Just kidding. It's got kindergarten style flowers, how can it be spooky!?

If you enjoyed this tutorial or plan to make a pumpkin of your own, let me know in the comments below!

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What's your favorite fall decor item that you have made?