Festive Doily Makeover

Today I'm sharing one of the most inexpensive and easy DIY's that I have shared yet. The whole project cost me under $5. (No kidding!) 


Yeah, doilies. You heard me right. Today we're taking that good old doily and turning it into something special.

To be honest, I didn't even know what the heck a doily was for until recently. I just thought they were cool little yarn or paper designs that you could decorate with. So in this tutorial, we'll be sticking to my original perception of the doilies and making something cute to decorate with! Ha ha.

Not only are doilies all unique, they're also very freakin' cheap! I got a pack of 5 for about $2 in the clearance section of Michael's. (I told you guys to always check clearance sections, right?)


If you are in the US and plan on ordering from Michael's Crafts online store, click here for a '50% off of one item' coupon!

Mod Podge the Doilies:

Completely saturate both the front and the back of the doilies. You want them to be drenched in mod podge! Be sure to do this on a surface that you know you will be able to get them off of. Obviously they're going to be sticky so you don't want to ruin the doilies or your surface when you go to remove them. That would just be a mess.

This might be easier to do if you have one of those foam squishy brushes but an actual paint brush is all that I had on hand. 

I left mine to dry overnight, but I would imagine it would take about 3-4 hours to completely dry. That may seem like a lifetime but like I said, you want these doilies to be completely soaked!

Paint the dry doilies:

Now that your doilies are dry they should be rock solid. They shouldn't bend at all when you pick them up.

Using your spray paint (in whatever color you chose) completely coat the doilies. Make sure to get in every nook and cranny.

Obviously my doilies were the most obnoxious yellow, but that really helped me to see spots that I missed in the painting process.

I chose a copper paint because I'm on a little bit of a copper kick right now, but you could use any color. These doilies are perfect for multiple occasions so match the colors to your mood. Maybe even alternate colors for a more unique vibe!

Hang 'em up:

Using a foot to a foot and a half of twine or jute, tie a knot onto your doily. You want to tie the knot so that they hang perfectly straight when you are finished, so follow this mini tutorial below in order to tie the perfect knot for this project!

Tying the knot:

  1. Create a small loop out of twine and put it through one of the holes on the outer edge of your doily. 
  2. Take the two loose ends and put them through the little loop you just created.
  3. Pull tight and voila!
  4. Make sure to create an additional knot at the other end (the end with the loose strings) so that you can hang your new decor!

Style and decorate:

I love how they turned out! They're like little copper flowers or snowflakes that add the perfect touch to my current festive decorations.

Style alternatives:

Want more ways to style these bad boys? Well, let's brain storm!

  • You could use yours for holiday decor, like I have chosen to do.
  • Make smaller versions and hang them in your Christmas tree.
  • Paint them a different color and use them for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, etc.
  • Use them as coasters.

I really hope you enjoyed this super easy tutorial and found it useful. If you did, make sure you subscribe to be notified when I post more fun DIY projects!