Festive Doily Makeover

Today I'm sharing one of the most inexpensive and easy DIY's that I have shared yet. The whole project cost me under $5. (No kidding!) 


Yeah, doilies. You heard me right. Today we're taking that good old doily and turning it into something special.

To be honest, I didn't even know what the heck a doily was for until recently. I just thought they were cool little yarn or paper designs that you could decorate with. So in this tutorial, we'll be sticking to my original perception of the doilies and making something cute to decorate with! Ha ha.

Not only are doilies all unique, they're also very freakin' cheap! I got a pack of 5 for about $2 in the clearance section of Michael's. (I told you guys to always check clearance sections, right?)


If you are in the US and plan on ordering from Michael's Crafts online store, click here for a '50% off of one item' coupon!

Mod Podge the Doilies:

Completely saturate both the front and the back of the doilies. You want them to be drenched in mod podge! Be sure to do this on a surface that you know you will be able to get them off of. Obviously they're going to be sticky so you don't want to ruin the doilies or your surface when you go to remove them. That would just be a mess.

This might be easier to do if you have one of those foam squishy brushes but an actual paint brush is all that I had on hand. 

I left mine to dry overnight, but I would imagine it would take about 3-4 hours to completely dry. That may seem like a lifetime but like I said, you want these doilies to be completely soaked!

Paint the dry doilies:

Now that your doilies are dry they should be rock solid. They shouldn't bend at all when you pick them up.

Using your spray paint (in whatever color you chose) completely coat the doilies. Make sure to get in every nook and cranny.

Obviously my doilies were the most obnoxious yellow, but that really helped me to see spots that I missed in the painting process.

I chose a copper paint because I'm on a little bit of a copper kick right now, but you could use any color. These doilies are perfect for multiple occasions so match the colors to your mood. Maybe even alternate colors for a more unique vibe!

Hang 'em up:

Using a foot to a foot and a half of twine or jute, tie a knot onto your doily. You want to tie the knot so that they hang perfectly straight when you are finished, so follow this mini tutorial below in order to tie the perfect knot for this project!

Tying the knot:

  1. Create a small loop out of twine and put it through one of the holes on the outer edge of your doily. 
  2. Take the two loose ends and put them through the little loop you just created.
  3. Pull tight and voila!
  4. Make sure to create an additional knot at the other end (the end with the loose strings) so that you can hang your new decor!

Style and decorate:

I love how they turned out! They're like little copper flowers or snowflakes that add the perfect touch to my current festive decorations.

Style alternatives:

Want more ways to style these bad boys? Well, let's brain storm!

  • You could use yours for holiday decor, like I have chosen to do.
  • Make smaller versions and hang them in your Christmas tree.
  • Paint them a different color and use them for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, etc.
  • Use them as coasters.

I really hope you enjoyed this super easy tutorial and found it useful. If you did, make sure you subscribe to be notified when I post more fun DIY projects!

Whiskey Bottle Makeover Challenge

I'm a huge advocate for making things yourself while still being able to budget and get it done frugally. I buy my supplies when I have coupons and stock up on things that I know I will use in the future. I always check what I have before I make a purchase!

This "tutorial" is less about what I made and more about showing you how to use supplies you already have on hand to make the final product you had in mind. You don't need to spend money to make new projects. Be inspired by what you have! You would be surprised by all of the things you can make if you take a look at all the craft stuff you have saved up. (Unless this is your first craft, then you might need to buy a couple of things.)

So, let's get into it!

Lately I've been really drawn towards colorful vases. They're all over the home decor section of Pinterest! I've kept my eye out for cute vases in the stores, but haven't found any that I really love and that fit my budget! That's when I decided to use some old glass bottles that I already had and make my own.

Using what you have.

I had an old bottle of Jack Daniels from a couple months back that I kept because I liked the shape. I knew I would be able to do something with it eventually! Like a lot of things that I talk myself into keeping, I stored it away and completely forgot about it until I had this idea in mind. Sometimes my faults benefit me in the long run, sweet!

I got my whiskey bottle and two others that I thought would make cute vases and spray painted them using a copper spray paint that I recently bought for a post that will be coming up very soon! 

Thinking outside of the box.

I was very happy with the way the paint color turned out, but decided to take it a step further! A lot of these vases I've seen online had cool designs and shapes painted on them. Well, lucky for me I'm an acrylic paint hoarder! I got out my white paint and started doodling and dotting on the two matching "vases" until I came up with a design I enjoyed. 

Most of us have some color of acrylic paint stashed away, use whatever colors you have on hand! This whole project is meant to cost you little to nothing.

Remember hidden treasures.

Now that my vases were painted to my liking, I needed flowers! Remember the post I did a few months back with the twine mini vases? (You can find that tutorial by clicking here if you haven't read it already.) I had some dried flowers left over from that tutorial that I thought would go well with the color of the vases!

I was literally just going to throw them away during my last cleaning spree! Good thing I didn't. 

I didn't need to go out and purchase a single thing for this project. Everything I used I already had on hand or has been used in different projects that I have made. 

I challenge you!

To make your very own vases, using your very own supplies. Your vase shouldn't look exactly like mine unless you have all of the supplies I used. Don't go out and buy anything extra for this project.

Don't have a glass jar or bottle? Not a problem! Use that old plastic coconut oil jar or that can of tomato sauce you were planning on throwing away after tonight's dinner.

I'm sure you have paint somewhere stashed away too. You don't even need spray paint, use acrylic paint if thats all you have. Only buy paint if you have literally none or are planning a project that will involve paint in the near future. If that's the case, use your coupons to buy some! 

Click here to see the metallic spray paint I used and click here to see the white acrylic paint I have on hand! 

The flowers for my vase were an added bonus. Maybe you don't keep dried flowers on hand (that is something kinda random to have stashed away). Use ribbon or washi tape to add something extra to your vases. Even go out to your garden (if you have one) and pick some fresh flowers.

The point of this project

Is to use what is around you. I used to spend so much money on my crafts. I then realized my hobby doesn't have to cost me a butt load of money. It can be enjoyable without breaking the bank. 

If you accept this challenge

Let me know in the comments below! If you make something of your own, head to my about page and send me a quick email with a picture of what you came up with! I would love to see it.

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Love & light.

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Wood Slice Purse and Key Rack

I have a horrible habit of getting home after a long day of work and throwing my purse wherever. Most of the time it lands on my tv stand or on my couch and makes my space look like a cluttered mess.

After reading Marie Kondo's book,  The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up , I really wanted to incorporate her theory of everything having a "place" into my life. She believes that when things have a home, it is less likely that you will have clutter build up over time.

Apparently, this concept didn't stick with my purse and keys. I didn't ever have a home for either of them so they made themsleves at home wherever there was an open space. I grew very tired of this and decided to make some changes. 

While purse hooks are usually pretty inexpensive, I preferred to have something that could hold multiple things and have some personality as well! So I constructed this wood slab purse/key hook and I am loving it! I hope you can use this tutorial to create a home for your purse and miscellaneous daily objects too. 

Let's get into it!

Here's what you'll need:

  • A wood slab, like this one
  • Cup hooks, like these
  • Sawtooth hangers, like these (or take one off the back of an old frame like I did!)
  • Extra decorations
  • A drill or at very least a hammer

Attaching the cup hooks:

These cup hooks are awesome. I have used them in a ton of different projects and they're super easy to use. Just figure out how many you want and where you want them to be located and start screwing them in.

It may help to tap on the top a little bit before turning them to get them to stay in place a little easier. If it gets hard to turn them or starts to hurt your fingers, wrap some fabric around them and continue screwing them in!

Make sure your hooks go deep into the wood. If they're too shallow they will start to fall out because of the weight of your purse or other belongings.

Add some flare:

I knew I wanted a place where I could spice up the slab by adding pictures or a grocery list. I found these little clothespins at Michaels for around $2 and thought they were perfect. I planned on using two but decided that one pin in the middle was enough considering how much stuff will probably be hanging from this rack eventually! 

I used hot glue to attach my clothespin right in the middle of my wood slab. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your wood. Try adding faux flowers or painting a design on the wood before hand for added fun.

Attach the final piece:

The last thing you want to do is attach the sawtooth hanger to the back of the slab. Make sure the teeth are pointing towards the ground when you screw this into place!

The last thing you want is this piece to be upside down. Your wood will slight right off the wall when you go to hang it up...Major fail!

You only need to attach one of these hangers but if you feel better adding to for more support, feel free. If you're that girl who carries the world in your purse, this might be a good step to take! (No judgment...I used to be that girl...)

Hang it up:

I didn't list this in the "things you'll need" section, but obviously you will need a way to hang this rack onto the wall.

Hammer a small nail into the wall and hang your new piece! And your purse...and your keys...and your scarves and jackets and sunglasses! Okay, maybe not that much stuff. We don't want to break it before we've gotten sufficient use out of it. 


Like I said, I chose to glue a clothespin to my slab. I clipped a picture of me and my family on it so it's the first thing I see every time I come home. You can do the same or hang your shopping list. Maybe even hang some motivational quotes there to get you through the day!

(Want some motivational quotes to hang on your new piece? Check out this one here or maybe this one here.)

I definitely wish I would have painted the hooks before I screwed them in. This might be something to consider doing before you start assembling your rack. I think it would look so cute with bronze hooks or even a fun color like burgundy.

This is one of those projects that you can really play around with and make your own!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. Let me know in the comments below if you decide to make your everyday belongings a new home. I'm so glad to have my purse off of my couch and my tv stand. Finally!

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Simply put, I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links I have provided.