Christmas Ornament Tutorial Round-Up

Christmas is only one short week away, is your tree up and ready? I know there’s some people out there still scrambling to get their decorations in order!

In case you missed it, last week I did a full week of super simple ornament ideas for your Christmas tree and mine. They’re all extremely easy and very inexpensive to make. This week I thought I would do a round up and give you a quick summary of all of the ornaments that I made last week.

If your tree still isn’t decorated or you are looking for some last minute ornaments to squeeze into place, this post is for you!

Wood Slice Ornaments

Monday I showed you how to make an adorable wood slice ornament with a handmade stamp on the front. All you need for this ornament is a wood slice, twine, hot glue, a stamp and an ink pad. Simply stamp the wood slab, glue on some twine or ribbon and you have yourself the sweetest little bohemian ornament ever!

If you want to find out how to make your own stamps you can do so by clicking here or you can find the original post for the ornament by clicking here.

Marbled Clay Ornaments

Tuesday I did a tutorial on these marbled clay ornaments. These are a little more work than the previous tutorial but take very little time!  All you need for this tutorial is clay and a cookie cutter! Clay is pretty affordable so if you don’t have any on hand you can get a bunch of colors for a good price at most craft stores 

Marble the clay (tutorial here) and roll it out into a thickness slightly smaller than your pinky. Cut out your Christmas shapes using the cookie cutters, poke a hole in the top for your twine and bake for the allotted time. 

Once your clay has cooled after coming out of the oven, all you need to do is tie your twine or ribbon through the hole you made.

You can find the original post by clicking here.

Bohemian Arrow Ornaments

Wednesday’s ornament turned out to be my favorite. I’ve always had a thing for arrows and natural/bohemian looking trinkets, so when I saw an opportunity to put one on my tree - I WAS ON IT!

This tutorial is the most complex out of them all, but still requires very minimal effort. You will need a twig, clay, a feather, beads and a glue gun.

Shape your clay arrowhead and bake accordingly. Slide your beads on to the end of the twig and secure with glue. Attach the feather into the beads while the glue is still wet. Glue your arrowhead onto your twig and you’ve got yourself a cute little bohemian arrow ornament!

You can find the original post and design alternatives by clicking here.

Mossy Pinecone Ornaments

Thursday I showed you how to take an ordinary pine cone and give it some extra shine. These compliment a tree so nicely! 

All you need is a pinecone, twine, faux moss, glue gun and some decorations (optional). Tie a knot in your twine and secure it onto your pinecone with some hot glue. Glue the faux moss around the twine making sure to cover the knot completely. Add your extra embellishments and hang it on your tree!

You can find the original post by clicking here.

Kitchen Essential Ornaments

Friday I finished up the week with some ornaments that can already be found in your kitchen. I used orange and lemon slices along with some cinnamon sticks to add some character to my little tree. 

You will need some oranges, lemons and cinnamon sticks. Cut your oranges and lemons into centimeter thick slices and bake in the oven for 2 hours at around 200 degrees. Be sure to check on them consistently so you don’t burn them. Remove from the oven and tie a knot through the top!

For the cinnamon sticks you can glue them into a little bundle and then just tie some twine around them. Glue the twine for extra security. These are both super easy and require little to no money!

You can find the original post and design alternatives by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed the ornament tutorials from last weeks takeover. If you use any of my tutorials be sure to let me know in the comments below or send me a quick email with a picture so I can see your creations! You can find my email in the ABOUT section at the top of the page. 

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Happy Holidays!