Stay looking forward

Happy Monday!

This weeks quote comes from one of the most admirable women that ever walked this planet, Helen Keller. At just a little over a year and a half old, Helen Keller lost not only her hearing but her sight as well. She never let her disability stop her and she shows that through all of her achievements. By 24, Helen Keller had become the first blind and deaf person to earn herself a bachelor of arts degree. 

Between her awesome accomplishments and this inspirational quote I'm about to share with you, we should all be feeling overwhelmingly motivated on this Motivational Monday. 

Helen Keller chose to not let her disabilities get the best of her. Instead she chased after what she wanted in life and became the great figure she is known as today. 

Sometimes it is easier to seek refuge in the shadows that are casted upon your life, rather than gazing up at the light that is ahead. Shadows, while daunting, can feel safe and camouflage your fears while light can seem even more intimidating. 

Instead of letting the darkness haunt us, we need to appreciate the light that is ahead. Just like a sunflower, we need to face the sunshine. Stay focused on what is to come. Deal with our circumstances and use them to our advantage. 

It can be extremely difficult to turn our backs to the shadows, because as humans we appreciate routine. There is comfort in smoothness and familiarity. But who is to say that the sunshine and light won't help us grow into stronger and more successful people?

Fear lurks in the shadows. Fear will grab ahold of you and squeeze every last bit of life from your body. The only way to build an outstanding life for yourself is to turn your back to fear and shadows, not the sunshine. 

Don't mask your pain, fears or past. But embrace what you have learned. Embrace the person you have become because of the shadows. Take what you have learned and let the sunshine aid in your growth towards a fulfilling life. 

Don't give up. Don't look back. Don't turn your back to the sunshine. 

I hope you have taken something from this MM that you can use in your day to day life now. I wish you strength and courage to face the sunshine and let the shadows remain behind you!

Love & Light!

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