Etsy Seller Product Review: Peaceful Beauty All-Natural Lip Balm

I've been a sucker for Etsy for years now. It's a great place to find unique items and help other entrepreneurs who are trying to build their own businesses. 

Recently I was searching the site for a new all natural lip balm when I stumbled upon Elizabeth's shop, Peaceful Beauty 3. She creates and sells all kinds of natural products, everything from skin serums to candles. After reading through her ingredient list on her lip balms, I figured I would give them a try. 

I am so glad that I did.

The product was so good, I knew that I needed more. Surprisingly, Elizabeth lives in the same city that I live in. So we set up a little meeting and I got to do some serious shopping! During my little shopping spree, we got into some great conversation about the inspiration behind Peaceful Beauty3.

Elizabeth's daughter, Andrea, was actually the majority of the reason the business came to life. Wise beyond her years, Andrea became aware of the "natural" lifestyle. She began showing interest in knowing what makes up the products she was using on a day-to-day basis and shared her knowledge with her mom. 

They began experimenting with different recipes and have come up with some seriously great natural alternatives. Coming from a culture that isn't usually interested in the ingredients that make up products, these two are first (and second) generation natural enthusiasts!

I'll include a picture below of everything that I bought during my little shopping spree but today I want to focus on the lip balms. 

Lip balm isn't something you usually think of as toxic. You head to the store, throw a fun fruity flavor in your cart and call it a day. What you fail to realize is that the mango banana chapstick you're going to put on your lips later is filled with parabens, artificial flavors and fragrances, and unsafe colors/dyes.

Unfortunately, most lip balms can actually cause more harm than they are worth.

Unlike other damaging products like lotions and sunscreens that you apply topically, lip balm you put on your lips (obviously!). Because of this the product will find it's way into your mouth causing you to ingest all of the nasty chemicals directly. 

Luckily, Elizabeth creates all natural lip balms that eliminate the need to worry! You can pronounce every ingredient and are probably already familiar with them as well. 

I have a few different ones from the shop but my favorite has to be the peppermint flavor. It feels very similar to the original Burt's Bees chapsticks, but doesn't have the damaging ingredients. With most store bought lip balms, you will notice your lips don't stay moisturized all day. With this one I will apply it in the morning and I won't have to reapply until it's time for bed. 

I also have the "deep rose" and green tea lip balms. The deep rose is a little more glossy and gives a nice red tint to your lips. It's the perfect option for days that you don't want to apply an actual lipstick but want more than just balm on your lips. 

The green tea lip balm is great. Elizabeth is still working on the recipe for this one, so I am honored that I got to be one of the first people to try this one out! I love applying this one before bed. It has a more grainy feel at first which is so perfect for exfoliating your lips. I apply this right before bed and wake up with the softest lips ever. 

I highly recommend you check out Elizabeth and Andrea over at their Etsy shop, Peaceful Beauty 3. Although I focused mainly on lip balms in this post I have tried several of the other products Elizabeth offers and they're all phenomenal! If you have any questions at all just message her through Etsy. 

Both Elizabeth and her daughter have the kindest of souls and I sincerely hope you give her products a try!

Just as a disclaimer, I am not getting paid to share this post with you. I am just extremely passionate about sharing awesome products and helping fellow entrepreneurs reach their dreams. This woman works her butt off to create these products and it definitely shows through her work!