Moving closer to your goals

Happy Monday!

I hope you're all starting the week off well and having an excellent day! This week's quote comes from Vince Lombardi, a well known American football player and NFL coach. While my interest in sports is minimal, a lot of his quotes resonate with me. 

"The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there."

Short, sweet and to the point. This quote is especially inspiring for me at this point in my life. It reminds me that working hard for what you have is essential. It is extremely rare for success to come to those who do not work hard for it. Does it happen? Of course. But I would rather know that I've earned my position in life, than to have it handed to me. 

I'm not saying that having things come easily is a negative thing. For me personally, I prefer to work my butt of for things because I enjoy the knowledge and insight that comes along with it. Just like in the quote, the man had to work his way to the top of the mountain.

Theoretically speaking, the man on the mountain probably had doubts and setbacks on his way up. But he didn't give up, he had perseverance and a strong mindset. Just like in life. Giving up quickly or having a negative mindset is only going to set you farther back in the long run. 

It is so important to think positively and set goals for yourself. Set milestones, write in a journal, whatever you need to do to remind yourself of where you want to be.

In high school, the football players always chanted HWPO. Which stands for hard work pays off. This always stuck with me and supports what Vince Lombardi said so much. If you work hard and put your mind to something, it will definitely pay off.

Strength is also an important component in a journey up a "mountain." Prepare yourself for set backs. Chances are they're going to happen. But if you're prepared and ready for them, then you can use them as a learning tool and walk away a more mentally strong person. 

What I want you to take away from this Motivational Monday is this - work hard, never give up, set goals and prepare for anything. 

I hope this post gets you one step farther up your mountain of life. Have an awesome day and a very Motivational Monday.

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