Mossy Pinecone Ornament Tutorial

It is day four of the Christmas ornament takeover week. Is it just me or did this go by extremely quick? If you have yet to see my previous posts during this takeover week, you can find them by clicking below.

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Since yesterday's post involved a little more work than my previous two ornaments, I decided to take it very easy today. This post has minimal steps and minimal supply. 

I'm a huge fan of natural ornaments that look as if they actually belong on the Christmas tree. Although most Christmas trees are spruce trees, we're going to pretend mine is a pine tree. And what grows on pine trees? Pine cones! My fav! 

I have a large variety of pine cones throughout my home. Don't ask me why. I guess I just have a thing for them. 

So today's ornament tutorial is going to be so simple and is going to lead you though creating the most natural looking ornament I have made yet. 


  • Small pinecones
  • Faux moss (get from Michael's here)
  • Hot glue gun

Tie the knot:

Get a twine or ribbon if your choice, grab both ends and tie a knot (or double knot) at one end. Place a small drop of hot glue on your pinecone and attach the twine loop to the cone.

You definitely want to do this step before you apply the moss. If you try and do this after you’ll end up with a big ol’ knot glued to the tip top of your moss pile.

Attach the moss:

Your moss will come in relatively large chunks (if you bought a similar style moss to the one I have). Grab a large chunk and separate it into smaller bits. 

Apply a small dot of hot glue and apply your moss. Do this section by section so your moss doesn’t look chunky. Make sure to cover your knot completely. 

The amount of moss you apply is really up to you. I didn’t want mine too thick so I applied just enough to cover the top of the cone and the twine knot.

Add embellishments:

On one of my dollar store hauls I found these little holiday, glittery berry…things. I’m not really sure what they are but I liked them and thought they would finish off this ornament perfectly. 

They came on this big branch of them so I cut a little bundle off and used my hot glue to stick them to the corner of my mossy pinecone. Cute!

Hang your cones:

Didn't I tell you that this was going to be a very minimalistic ornament? But to be honest, these might be my favorite ones I have made so far. 

Something about how simple and delicate they are really gets to me. They look as if they really belong on my tree and I love that. 

If you don't have the little berries I have, try gluing small dried flowers to the side of your moss. That would also look adorable but still very natural. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed creating it. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for the final day of my Christmas ornament takeover week!

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