How I'm Fueling My Minimalist Boho Wardrobe With Amazon

As a young 20-something, you hardly have time or energy to get to the mall. Then you have to take into account the whole - what the hell is even IN my account?

I’ve compiled my favorite pieces that fit with my new minimalist style but stick with my boho roots. My favorite thing about these pieces are that they don’t break the bank. Seriously! As I’m writing this, nothing in this post is about $45.

Everything I own or put into my wardrobe can be mixed, matched, paired and shared. I don’t like to buy heavy patterns or obnoxious prints. I stick to simple so that I can keep things versatile using bags, hats and jewelry.

I wear the same outfits pretty consistently and have never once been called out for it! Keep things fresh, but keep them simple! And save some serious dough while you’re doing it.

Simple tops are my go-to! I pair basic tees and tanks with fun bottoms. You will find each of these sets in my closet. I wear them on a daily basis.

Style tips :

  • Pair tank or tee with fun, patterned pants

  • Pair with a flowy skirt

  • Pair with jeans and add cool accessories - fedora, mala necklace and hoop earrings

  • Throw a kimono over the tank for a boho vibe

Bralettes are my newest obsession. I’ve always hated wearing bras. Luckily I don’t have to often since my boobies are basically inverted! These are nice when you want a little extra shape in that department.

Style Tips:

  • Wear under clothes (obviously)

  • Pair with flowy, sleeveless tanks

  • Go balls to the wall and wear as a crop top with high waisted jeans or a skirt

Leggings and joggers are new for me, but I’ve quickly fallen in love. Gone are the days of unbuttoning my jeans at work because my lunch was too filing. Woo hoo!

Style Tips :

  • Pair with the tees and tanks mentioned above

  • Dress up by adding fun accessories - beanies, long layered necklaces and a shit ton of rings

  • Summer-ize them by pairing with sandals

Another God send - maxi dresses! The most flowy, freeing and functional clothing that I own. These are so universal and can literally be worn a million ways…okay, that may be an over exaggeration..but they can be switched up a lot!

Styling tips :

  • Basic bitch style - throw on a dress and sandals - BOOM

  • Pair with a fedora and strappy sandals

  • Put your hair in a low pony, slap on some earrings and heels - oh, you fancy!

Purses can really change an outfit. I’m a backpack kinda girl. I don’t want things hangin’ from my shoulders and gettin in my way. BUT I will make exceptions for fun, boho style purses. YES, PLEASE!

Style Tips:

  • Bags are universal - switch them up, switch them down!

  • Add fun tassels to your bag to give it a lowkey makeover

Earrings can really be a game changer. I, personally, feel like a confident ass female when I have a cool pair of earrings on paired with a good outfit…just me?

Style Tips:

  • Boring outfit? Not anymore. Pair any dangle earrings with a simple outfit to class it up

  • Bring your maxi dress to life!

  • Make an edgy outfit a little more girly

Necklaces are my personal favorite piece of jewelry. The great thing about pieces like these is that they are totally universal and can be worn with pretty much any minimalist, boho style outfit!

I buy new shoes as often as I buy new cars…hardly ever! I will wear shoes until the soles lose their souls. I love strappy, simple sandals to throw on for any outfit and any occasion…did somebody say classics!?

My literal best friend. Fedoras are great and I never want to live a life without them being in style! I have 3 different colors that I rotate consistently. They’re the perfect accessory for pretty much any outfit that I’m wearing!

If you choose to purchase through a link that I’ve supplied, I will receive a small compensation. With that being said, I ONLY share ideas and items that I’m confident in and that I can stand behind.