The Difference Between Living and Existing

Oscar Wilde said it best. 

Life becomes a lot less complicated when we fall back into the simplicity of routine. It's safe and as humans we are (usually) trained to feel more comfortable when there is order in our lives. 

While I love routine and feel that it is necessary (I'll be the first to admit it), too much of a routine isn't always a good thing. When you're stuck in this schedule of doing the same thing, at the same time, everyday you lose sight of what's most meaningful in life - actually living. 

This may not be the case for everyone but as far as my own life goes; I wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep and do the whole thing over again. At no point during my day (with the exception of weekends) do I feel much joy in what I'm doing. As appreciative as I am for my job, it's not a place that I enjoy being. It's quite the soul sucker so making that the highlight of my day isn't giving me the fulfillment that I want out of my life. 

Because I'm so caught up in this routine and set schedule (as I'm sure a lot of you are), I miss out on all kinds of amazing things life has to offer. I am a girl in this incredible world who is simply existing. I forget that I was brought to this planet to live. Although I can't spend all of my free time doing things that spark joy (wouldn't that be great), it's time that I start taking advantage of the free time that I do have and fill it with experiences that will enhance my time on this planet. I think you should do the same!

Existing is falling into the same boring routine without taking advantage of life's offerings. Living is knowing that realistically we don't have much time here so it's important to live each moment with purpose and do things that don't always fit in your comfortable routine. 

Until recently, I was perfectly fine with my routine. I didn't know how to function any other way - nor did I want to. Now I realize that I'm wasting precious moments because my schedule runs my life. Obviously I'm not going to quit my job or give up sleep to really make my life more abundant, but I want to start taking advantage of all of the free time that is hidden throughout my day. 

Breaking routine isn't easy but it definitely creates a more rich lifestyle.