My 10 Favorite Fall Decor DIYs

Summer is coming to an end. That means we can say goodbye to the blazing hot days and hello to just plain hot days. Unfortunately, when you live in southern California you don't get the full effect of the seasons. But I will gladly take a hot day over a blazing hot day...any day! 

Since fall is quickly approaching, it is time to bust out the fall decor. Pumpkins, leaves, acorns and pinecones will fill my home this year. Along with the sweet, sweet smell of fall potpourri. I've decided to go a little crazy this year and really go balls the the wall with decorations. With Pinterest being my all time fav, I got to work finding my favorite decorations that I knew I needed to recreate this season. 

I scoured Pinterest and want to share with you all my 10 favorites that I have found. Lucky for you, all these cute items will be in one place so you won't need to spend hours on Pinterest searching for yourself...unless you want to! I won't judge, I promise. :)

So without further ado, here are my top 10 favs I will be making this fall.


Toilet Paper Pumpkins

The first fall decor DIYs I have for you are these toilet paper pumpkins made by Jessica over at Living Chic on the Cheap. It is hard to believe but there are actually rolls of toilet paper inside of these adorable pumpkins. This is by far one of the easiest tutorials I have stumbled upon but it is so freakin' cute I can hardly stand it! She even has a Halloween variation shown on her tutorial. 


Book Pumpkin

Book Pump.jpg

Have an old book laying around? That paperback is about to get a new look because this book pumpkin is way too unique to pass up. Holly over at Kids Activities Blog can be thanked for this gem. Although her site is based around children, I think this would be perfectly fine to create for us adults without kids in our lives! The tutorial sounds so easy and has such a one of a kind look to it.


Decoupage Pumpkins

If you're someone who enjoys decorating pumpkins but hate the complete mess that comes with it, this DIY is for you! Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict has made the classic pumpkin carving a think of the past. She made some amazing decoupage pumpkins out of a few different materials. She experimented a little with some of her pumpkins and it turned out to be a major success! She displayed so many different patterns on her blog, so be sure to check her tutorial out! 


Plastic Egg Acorns

We all have those little plastic easter eggs laying around our house somewhere. Or is that just me? Either way they're super cheap and usually come in a pack of 10-20. Giustina from Domestically Blissful takes these usually unattractive eggs and turns them into some chic and perfect for fall! These are very inexpensive to make and look so cute piled into a basket with other natural forage!


Pinecone Garland

We've all seen the insanely cute garland at our craft and holiday stores. But how can something so cute be so expensive? Even with a coupon, garland prices can be out of this world. Thanks to Kristen from Ella Claire, we're making our own this fall! If you live anywhere near a pine tree and have some twine and burlap, then you already have yourself some garland. Who knew? While hers is very simple and sleek, you can totally spice yours up with other colors and textures.


Corn Husk Wreath

Oh, Martha Stewart. How you never seize to amaze me. This wreath is made up entirely of dried corn husks. It sounds simple enough. Personally, I think this is something I would leave hanging throughout any season. It's just that dang cute. Find the tutorial here.


You know those cheap, bright orange trick or treat buckets? You know, the ones with the creepy jack o' lantern face on the front. Jenn did a tutorial over at Bread Booze Bacon showing you how to take these silly buckets and make them into a small piece of burlap heaven. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing these babies!


Shabby Chic Pumpkin

If you say that this little ruffly pumpkin isn't cute, you're a fibber. I'm not usually one to fall in love with super girly things like this, but I have fallen guys. Mary Beth from Cupcakes & Crinoline shows you how to recreate these beautiful shabby chic style pumpkins. Just look at their little cinnamon stick stocks. Too cute!

Fall Sharpie Pillows

Sharpie Pillow copy.jpg

I appreciate a good decorative pillow when I see one, but this is just way too cute. Krista from The Happy Housie takes inexpensive pillow covers and a sharpie and turns them into the cutest decorative pillows ever. The ones she made are double sided, so this side is fall themed and the reverse is perfect for Halloween. This is a must see!


Yarn Pumpkins 

These are in my top 5 of the favorites that I have chosen. Ironically, they are probably the easiest to make. All you need is two things. A pinecone and a twine ball, that is it. These are so perfect for fall and can stick around for Halloween. I just love them. And like the egg acorns, they would look adorable in a bowl with other foraged goods. So, thank you Roeshel over at DIY Show Off, not only do I love your name but I love your fall decor as well!


Well there you have it. My 10 favorite DIYs this season. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it more than you know. I hope you are able to try out at least 1 or 2 of these tutorials. If you do, make sure to show the girls who created them some love. They all worked so hard to make these things and it definitely shows.

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