Retail Therapy on a BUDGET!


Being broke sucks. Saying "no" to that summer dress that's been screaming to go home with you for the past couple months, also sucks. Retail therapy is an instant mood boost for so many people. While this may be your absolute favorite method, it isn't always the most financially responsible one. Unfortunately.

It's time to quit saying no to that maxi dress and bohemian bag and read on. Here's 7 tips on saving money while getting your fix for fashion.


No. 1

Coupons, coupons, coupons. Probably the most obvious of the methods, because they're everywhere. In your newspaper, in your emails and even directly on most stores' websites. They're just about the easiest ways to save money. If you know what stores you plan on going to, check their weekly ad and website. There's most likely some sort of sale or percentage deal going on at the moment no matter what type of store you're heading to. If you're a loyal customer to that particular store, sign up for their email newsletter. They'll send their deals directly to your inbox. It really doesn't get much easier than that!


No. 2

Clearance sections! Clearance sections are always your friends. Most stores have a certain section designated to discounted items. Stores are constantly throwing the last of supply into the clearance section for a more appealing price. Older items are taking up space, they want them out pronto. Sure you may have to dig a little for a good find in your size or shade, but it will definitely be worth the major bucks you've just saved!

Here's another tip: damaged goods sell for less. It may just be a missing button on a blouse or a small knick on a piece of furniture. Damaged = no longer useful to the store. Sew a button on, paint over the knick and smile because you just scored yourself an awesome deal.


No. 3

In America we've got stores like Ross and Marshall's. These are stores that sell designer goods at a deeply discounted price. While some items still have outrageous prices, there's definitely some diamonds in the rough when it comes to these places.  These are perfect stores to go to when there's a trend you've been loving but you don't want to pay full price at a department store. Ross has also been a major score for me when it comes to small pieces of furniture. Because more expensive pieces are mixed in, make sure you've got some self control and always check prices before you get too excited about an item!

Connecting with number 2, check the clearance sections in these places also! Just like regular stores, they need room for more inventory too. So an already discounted item may have it's price tag cut in half...AGAIN.


No. 4

Goodwill and other thrift stores. These are my all time favorite, go-to stores. I usually have very limited patience in life, but when it comes to thrifting I can dig through every little item. Since the items in these stores are secondhand, you may have to look harder for a piece you find appealing. But just because it's used, doesn't mean it's no longer good. I have people ask me all the time where I've gotten my tops or even some of my furniture. 9 times out of 10 the answer is the same, I thrifted it. If you put the time into it, the reward from these stores will be even greater. Sometimes you can even find the fancy name brand purses, woo woo.


No. 5

Garage/yard sales. I'm not sure how these work around the world. In California, the weekends (especially weekend mornings) are prime time for yard sales. Just about every neighborhood has at least one. These are another awesome place to find extremely affordable deals. These people have cleaned out their homes and just want this stuff GONE. Like the thrift stores, most things are used. Time and effort definitely play a part in garage sales. But oftentimes clothes will sell for a couple bucks, furniture for half to even seventy-five percent the original price and those are just some of the deals you'll find.


No. 6

Now let's move into some online steals. Amazon and eBay. Two phenomenal online marketplaces with endless amounts of items to purchase. These websites have everything you could ever need. Clothes, furniture, purses, even electronics. eBay especially is great for clothes. Used clothes usually sell for less but I've been able to find some great pieces brand new. The cool part about these two, you literally just type what you're looking for in the search bar and see all the items that match. Don't know what you're looking for? Click the browse section and check out all the latest trends.



This last one I just recently found out about. And that is Instagram. People are hosting "virtual yardsales" through the app. It's the same concept as a regular garage sale. People are selling their gently used clothes for a deeply discounted price. You basically pay them through PayPal and they will send you your item. These can be a little more sketchy, so really do your research on the seller before you buy. Do they have a lot of followers? Have they had a lot of sales? Do they have any reviews or an actual website? All in all, these people just want to get rid of their old stuff for a small profit...Perfect for us thrifty retail therapy seekers.  Checkout these hashtags on Instagram to see what I'm talking about #shopmycloset #virtualyardsale



Obviously don't take advantage of these tips all at once if you're on a pretty tight budget. But a little affordable spending (in moderation) will never hurt anyone. These are just some of my favorite ways to undergo some retail therapy while still being wise with my money.

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