BEST natural, fluoride free toothpaste (Etsy seller review)

I would like to start a new thing here on Love Loops. The first Friday of every month I will be doing a review on a natural product I've stumbled upon on Etsy. Hopefully by me sharing my finds with you, you will in return check out these awesome sellers and all they have to offer. (Because love loops, remember?)

I love Etsy. I've had my own shop on it for a little over a year now. It's an awesome marketplace with an exceedingly supportive group of people. Most of the handmade sellers on the site work their asses off to produce things they love and want to share with the world. I'll be the first to tell you, Etsy is no joke. It can be hard to get noticed so any bit of support I can give to my fellow creators, you better believe I will give it!

For the first of this new monthly installment, I want to introduce you to Katie from Little Tree Naturals. She makes all kinds of different natural products and posts them on her Etsy store. My personal favorite, is her Peppermint Orange Toothpaste. So I thought I would share with you all a little more information on this perf product. But first, here's a little back story on most store bought toothpastes.

Products with ingredients I can trust/pronounce have become extremely important in my day-to-day life. I've become more aware than ever of the toxic chemicals we put in our bodies because a brand tells us it's beneficial. Toothpaste is no different. There are so many chemicals in toothpaste that can actually do more damage than you could imagine.

For starters, there is almost always sodium fluoride. The strengthening agent that has been known to aid in a whiter smile. In reality, this chemical is also found in rat poison and pesticides. Yuck. Not bad enough? There's also sodium lauryl sulfate, a chemical that stores away in your heart, liver and brain for up to 5 days. This may not seem like very long, but you should be brushing your teeth twice a day - so you do the math. This chemical used alone can cause severe damage to the eyes and skin!

We're putting this stuff in our mouths, people! We are using these harmful chemicals twice a day, every day. Just because the box says it'll whiten your teeth and make them strong, doesn't mean it doesn't come with a price. I could go on and on about all of the nasty shit found in toothpaste, but I want this post to be about the solution!

I've been using this Peppermint Orange Toothpaste for 5 months now and I freaking love it. It isn't your traditional toothpaste, so the texture and taste take some time to get used to. But it is so worth it. My teeth feel just as clean with this stuff as they did with the chemical warfare I was putting in my mouth before.

Two of my favorite characteristics of this product, it's vegan and I can pronounce every single ingredient. She even lists them all so you can see what you're getting into before you buy. It's only 6 ingredients and none of them stress me out or make me feel uneasy. I know them all and have actually used them all in my daily life. The toothpaste comes in the cutest little tub with a wooden spoon. Just scoop out a small amount and apply it to your toothbrush.

Not only is her product phenomenal, she is also the nicest and most helpful woman. I had a few questions before my initial purchase and she got back to me super quick with such an informative answer. This is her life. She's put her heart and soul into her brand and you can seriously tell just by looking at her shop. She is the definition of a girl boss, if you ask me.

Make sure you check out Katie and her Etsy page, Little Tree Naturals. Like I said, she's got all kinds of products from toothpaste to laundry soap.

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