Hi there!

I'm Taiya. A frugal flower child with a love for life. I'm also an animal loving, DIY doing, nature lusting, modern day hippie with a serious addiction to anything personal development.

I'm a wellness coach with a passion for helping women discover what brings them joy in life and what really grounds them. I strive to help women uncover their values and help them achieve the lives that they know they were put on this planet to live. Using strong mindfulness techniques, I help women take their lives in the direction that they're meant to.

As someone who has lived a life of negativity, unsatisfying routine and complete failure to thrive, I know first hand how unexciting life can seem at times. Over the years I've built up an amazing toolbox filled with techniques geared towards completely shifting my mindset to love the hell out of life. I've taken the burn out to busting out and have created the life that I have always yearned for.  

You are an amazing, unique, individual that deserves to know the incredible amount of power that you posses. You can do and be anything that your heart imagines - if you've learned to harness your womanly roar!

We are all eternal students of the universe and need to stay learning and growing to unleash our ultimate potential.

I'm here to help you root down and blossom up into the person you've always dreamed of becoming.