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are you completely overwhelmed, under appreciated and finding it hard to discover your "why"?

A crappy day job can definitely do that to you. How do I know? I've lived it! I spent years of my life going to a place that I loathed, surrounded by people who were a negative influence and living my life settling at mediocre. I know exactly how it feels to be pissed when you hear your alarm going off, be even more pissed to sit in traffic and then ultimately pissed to walk into an office that sucks!

I got tired of living this same old routine of settling for people, places and emotions that didn't serve me. It wasn't until I shifted my mindset and my perspective on my day job that I started to truly find happiness. And I want to help you find the same. 

Through 1:1 coaching, we will take you through a customized coaching experience geared towards helping you live the life that you've dreamed of. I will use my unique mindfulness techniques paired with my skills as a wellness coach to help you get out of a negative mindset and into something much lighter. 

Together we will get you feeling the gratitude attitude and completely shift the way you view your day job. Your life will start to do a complete 180 and you will be feeling better than ever! 

What does this look like?

Each 45 minute session will be packed full of positivity, mindfulness and growth. We will get you feeling completely grounded and grateful in your day job. 

We will experiment with meditation and self love, while also getting to your root values and priorities as an independent woman. You will experience a beautiful blend of that woo-woo spirit mixed with the nitty gritty truths that come up naturally in a coaching experience. 

This experience is completely customized to fit you and your needs as an individual. We will go through everything you need to become happier and healthier in your current career situation. 

1 session : $75

3 sessions : $200

6 sessions : $400

9 sessions : $600

I'm willing to work with you! It's not always easy to make a commitment to yourself like this, I know! I'm always available to work with you on payment plan options to make this process as easy as possible for you!

Also, if you would prefer to split your sessions up into shorter time slots - let's do it! We can get you on the "check-in" style system and meet twice a week for 23(ish) minutes. This way the amount of sessions you have will go further. **I do require a full 45 minutes for our first session. This way we get on the same page about where you are and where you want to be and aren't held back by time.**

Customization is key when you're busy girls like us!

IF YOU'RE READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP - lets get you going on a free 15 minute consultation.

I will never ask you to commit to something without letting you test it out first. If you're feeling called to embark on this new journey, please enter your email address in the box below. You will get an email asking for your best contact method. After that we can get a consultation planned so that you and I can see if this will be what you're craving in your life at the moment.